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Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Imagine these situations. You just left from a party, you get to your car and the car key is right there on the seat but the car is locked. Or you try to unlock the trunk with groceries in the one hand and you accidentally use the wrong key and it broke off in the lock. Or your child was playing hide and seek with the car keys and now the keys are hiding. I know these are worst-case scenarios, but they do happen.

More modern vehicles with remote keys can also malfunction. It can be a dead battery, physical damage to the unit, the transmitter is not communicating to the receiver, or it could be water damage. Whatever the problem is, here at Highlands Locksmith we can assist you.

Automotive Services We Offer

Being a Highlands Locksmith, these are the services we offer. Replace lost vehicle keys, immobilizer key reprogramming, re-keying, replace vehicle locks, replace locks or ignitions, transponder chip duplication, repair, and replacement, re-keying all locks, remote battery replacement, unlocking auto door locks, VAT key copying, VIN key copying, PROX vehicle key replacement and duplication, vast stock of vehicle keys, transponders & FOBS and much more.

We are here to help in any vehicle lock related problem by providing you with 24/7 competent and skillful service. Please take time to look at the other services we also provide in the emergency, residential, and commercial arenas. Whether it’s a car with a sticky ignition, or a motorcycle steering lock issue, or a stuck trunk lock, or lost car keys, please phone us as we are here to assist to get you back on the road again.